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Welcome to Teeth Whitening By T&G

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Welcome to Teeth Whitening by T&G

 Serving the community since 2010, we focus on excellent performance and results. 

One of the only teeth whitening companies that uses an all organic gel. 

Our gel is plant and mineral based made by DaVinci who is located in Colorado. 

This product is safe, and can be used even if one is nursing or pregnant. It is an alkaline product and turns to water when it hits your system. 

The active ingredient is FDA food grade hydrogen peroxide. 

Our special organic gel, made by DaVinci, will strengthen your enamel while whitening each and every tooth. Not to worry if you have caps, veneers, partials, plates, or even bonding. 

This system even helps a great deal with those who have gray or grayish lines across their teeth from the use of medication when they were children.

The product will not harm any of your dental work. If anything, those items will whiten to their original whiteness of when the work was first done. Even porcelain can stain; that can easily be removed and brightened back up.

There is nothing better than having the experience of whitening your teeth without pain or sensitivity. This system is quick, relaxing, done in a luxurious spa environment, and is completed with in one hour. 

Results are instant, comparable to Zoom, but with out the sensitivity. 

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